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Creating an experiential learning environment for students to thrive in the 21st century.

Digital Humanities Institute: Spring Break Intensive, Summer Certificate Program

In today’s world we are adapting to changing technologies every day. Particularly within secondary education institutions, students have access to the most cutting edge resources to explore and learn from like 3D printing, and virtual and augmented reality. It’s crucial for students to understand not only how to use these tools but when and to what degree. That is why we have developed a Digital Humanities Institute to prepare students for cutting edge scholarship at the college level. We provide a holistic understanding of the ethics, practices, strategies and benefits of using technology to ask new questions about traditional scholarship and present these findings. This institute is unique in the fact that it prepares students with the life skills to think critically about how they interact with technology while providing a strong foundation in one of the most innovative trends happening around colleges and universities.

in-person only

Intercultural Competence Training

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, universities and employers are prioritizing intercultural competence when considering new candidates. And current research shows that exposure to other cultures is just the tip of the iceberg, in terms of developing intercultural skills. In order for students to really get the most out of being part of diverse learning communities, studying abroad, or researching other cultures, they first need a foundational understanding of intercultural competence. Running a total of about 4 hours, this course is a concise introduction to theory and best practices and will enhance a student’s ability to learn and grow from their immersive intercultural learning experiences.

Virtual or in-person